All in 1 tool for your Insurance Business

Bima+ brings you new customers using the automated chatbot, supports smart underwriting, claims management and interactive multi-channel customer support: in one system.

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What is it & how will it help my Insurance Business?

lead generation

Expand your digital revenue channel by directly accepting orders from your own App & Website

automate the rest

From issuing cover notes to sending reminders, Bima+plus can do it for you. Yes to Efficiency!

manage your users

Interact with your entire customer base with the included dashboard. Convert leads to revenue.

Switch & save money

Guaranteed to be the CHEAPEST overall solution in Tanzania. Save up to 50% in extra IT costs.

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$ 250.0 /Month

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Unlimited Users
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$ 599 /Month

2 Months Free when paid annually
Unlimited Users & Agents
24/7 Support


$ 1,999 /Month

2 Months Free when paid annually
Unlimited Users, Branches & Agents
24/7 Support

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The power of your own Distribution Channel

Bima+plus also provides you with your own distribution channel for your customers to buy & manage their insurance. You’ll own your entire digital distribution channel & it costs less than hiring a new employee.

Client reviews

It’s simple and user friendly.
It captures the required information.
Getting quotes is easy.
The flow is straight forward and easy to understand.
The look and feel of the App is refreshing not too busy.
UAP Tanzania Limited
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